I have been thinking of adding Vlogs to this site. For those who follow this site and anyone really that is reading this post What do you think of this idea of adding Vlogs to this site.

I still haven’t fully decided what to talk about in the videos. I have at least one idea and a few other ideas for some videos.

Though, I would be manly talking about my life but at the same time it would be rather boring to say the least if all I did was to talk about the past and possible what if’s of the future.

I may just make some videos and not publish for a bit of time, which I could easily do at this time.

Anyways, for those who can comment please do share what you think of this idea. I may post at least one of the videos that I may do at some point in the near future.

Also, there is a feedback button to the lower left of the page as another way to leave a comment.

I would appreciate some kind of feed back. Hope to hear from you….

Adding Video To This Site

Hello Folks

Below is a poll about adding video to this site and this would as well as having photograph(s) and photograph galleries on this site.

If there is no voting of any kind then I would take that as a resounding no to adding video content to this site.

The type of videos that I’m thinking of are dog centric, cooking videos, road trip videos and occasional YouTube vlogger style of videos.

Thanks for your time.

Sharing a Tweet….

Below is a tweet that I wrote on Twitter and I wanted to share on this site. Please leave a comment below if you like. I would like to expand on how I take videos and I want to show different viewpoints while filming video’s.


Update: I have added to YouTube videos that I took last September on this site and they are located on this page: Video – September 2013 or through the Videos Page (link below).

I’ve added a videos page on this site. Since I have a couple short videos that I wanted to share on this site. I’ll be adding specific pages for the videos by subject and the month when I filmed them.

I’ll be posting the videos on the site during the July 4th weekend and I’ll be sharing more videos on this site when I have made some more.

Have fun on the July 4th weekend everyone (early I know).