links for 2010-05-18

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The new site

Well the new website debuted today (31/07/2008) and I like it. However, there is one thing that I noticed that was missing is unbundled tags – a number of other users have noticed (see here and here). Granted the improvements to have been coming for a long time now, and its just a… Read More The new site

bookmarking stories or articles links

For some reason I would like to see the ability to save Yahoo News pages to either Yahoo Bookmarks or to Though I could something like on a couple other sites with news stories but who knows if it would happen.


I was noticing earlier tonight (11/21/2005) that – from what I could tell added new feature recently or I’ve just never noticed some stuff before. Maybe the later because I’ve been looking around’s site for a while. Another thing that I’ve noticed to today was the cleaner/nicer design of the general look of… Read More improved