An Update

Got a response from my hosting company, but then the way I worded the email to them wasn’t that good either. The problem that I’ve had over the July 4th weekend is that some how this site and a WordPress testing blog that I have on this site got screwed up so now both aren’t working well as they should have been.

The problem that I had over the June 4th weekend was a lot of connection error’s with the mysql server that I have with this hosting account. Though by the time the techs got to look at my account thing’s were generally stable with my blogs.

Problems with this blog might have started earlier than June 4th weekend – not sure though.

After what happened after the June 4th weekend with  this blog I’m going to back up all the stuff I need to – like files, databases, and archive mail from the web-based email app.

Once I get things setup on my other host – I’ll post some thing here before I update the dns for the site and see how things go. Hopefully the move would be a smooth transition from one host to another.

In the process of moving stuff over to my other host I discovered that I had a problem with a php script that I made sometime back.

It’s on the links page of my site that’s not working well with my other host. Though it’s time that I would need to update the code and the database for it to work again. it’s going to take time to update the code since I haven’t been working with php on a daily basis or weekly basis.

Moving sites and dealing with this type of problems – would help me to get on top of things again. A php class may or may not help as a refresher – though doing a trail and error is a good way to learn to make things work.

Anyways I’ll post another update soon.



feed update

For those who are following this blog using the regular feed located at, I found a plugin (located here) that would forward that feed to my Feedburner feed. i found this plugin when I added a Feedburner feed for the comments for this blog.

I’ve also been having trouble with servers since late Wednesday so the site was slow while using Firefox 2. But don’t know if anyone else was having trouble loading the site with other browsers.

bye for now…

Blog Update

Just a quick update about this blog. You might have noticed the change of name to this blog after changing the time settings for post’s etc., my blog title went from this “Peter’s Thoughts” to “Peter’s Thoughts” don’t know why the server (mysql and such) would that after having no problems with the way it was.

So I thought of using a different title, though I probably could do with out the url in the title but wanted to it to be descriptive with the new title. I may change it back to what it was after a while.


Blog Update

Well I’ve update the back-end software for this blog and this is the first time I’ve had any visible trouble/problems with the upgrade process. Before I did any upgrading I backup the db and the files that I had. Though I had trouble uploading to the wrong place, got everything working – generally again.

Then I had trouble with the sidebar for the theme that I was using when I upgraded, tried to revert to the default sidebar and that didn’t work. Then I tried the default theme that came with the wordpress install and the css wasn’t even work, so then I tried the classic theme and that works.

While I had this trouble all I thought and dreading is the fact that I might have downgrade to the version that I’ve been using. Which I didn’t want to do. This also showed me that I need to change hosting company and register for my site. The hosting company and domain register are one in the same but I won’t name the company here.

Anyway, I don’t know if I would be doing anything anytime soon. The last time I did promise something major I didn’t deliver on that promise, which sucks big time.

I think the main problem now is that I’m starting to have (very) early trouble with my hosting company, but my problem is that I don’t know which hosting and such to transfer to or how to do what I need to – if you could understand what I just said. One thing that I should do is to go through the plugins and themes that I’m not using anymore or if at all. Well that could be said for the rest of the site.

bye for now…

Miner updates

For those who follow this blog you might notice the change in the title because 1) I want to see what works and what doesn’t work, and 2) I wanted to change it for a bit of time, finally 3) the purpose of this blog might change to a varing degree by the end of two months time. Though the url/feed title that I have for feedburner will remain the same.

Other updates to this blog would be primarly minor update’s up to any website move. When and if I change hosts there would be changes to the permalinks and other changes too to this blog and site.

I’ll post something well before I’ll actually move this site and the various wordpress based blog’s that I have on this site.


Updating this blog

This blog might not show up or there might be some errors or other problems while I’ll be updating the blog over the hour or so.

P.S. I’ve updated the backend of this blog, I should work out the bugs out on the sooner side and get some new themes for the site too. Update’s also include some plugin’s for the blog among other update’s that I have planed for this blog.

WordPress and Yahoo

Well, I’ve read about WordPress now being offered on Yahoo Small Business plans and it so happens that this site, and this blog is being hosted by Yahoo.

Stuff like this would generally does happen to me when I’ve almost or already decided on doing something like changing hosting providers which I’ve decided to do, but haven’t made up my mind what 2 host’s that I’m looking at now.

Granted I have no general problems with the hosting services that I have with Yahoo.

The reason is that I’m planning to switching, is in part because of the price and its to the point where I what to have more backend support like for htaccess – which to my knowledge Yahoo doesn’t support in any way.

Anyway, I might even would try out the new wordpress that is provided by Yahoo, though I have no plans of upgrading this blog to one that is provided by Yahoo intergrating all of my wordpress-powered blogs that I have into one big blog. Since I already intergrated my accounts into this blog, I don’t want to go through the hassel of having this blog powerd by beta software while the offical release WordPress 2.0 is this coming Monday (12/26/05).

Though I will hold off upgrading to version after a bit of time and maybe after switching hosting providers too.