an update of sorts

Just an FYI to those who follow this blog and or who visit my site every so often. I’m in the process of adding Google AdSense to this site to basically try to help with the cost of hosting this site and my pet site. The thing that was preventing me from doing this a… Read More an update of sorts

site problems – yet again

Just FYI to those who follow this blog in readers, etc., I’ve been having intermittent problems with the hosting company that I’m currently with. I don’t know how long these problems would continue and I’ve already sent an email to tech/customer service for help with the problem that I’m having with the MySQL server Updates… Read More site problems – yet again

feed update

For those who are following this blog using the regular feed located at, I found a plugin (located here) that would forward that feed to my Feedburner feed. i found this plugin when I added a Feedburner feed for the comments for this blog. I’ve also been having trouble with servers since late Wednesday… Read More feed update

Server Problems

I don’t know if anyone who’s been following this blog may or may not have noticed that I’ve been having problems with the mysql server as of late. What happened tonight is another reason I’ll be moving to another host hopefully by the end of the year. Before moving this site and my other site… Read More Server Problems

site problems

For those who follow this blog I’m currently having a problem with the feeds and other things too with the host I have in some fashion. I won’t name names but currently I ‘m trying to get things corrected with the host. Updates (hopefully) will come over the next several weeks or months. Peter Update:… Read More site problems

Blog Update

Well I’ve update the back-end software for this blog and this is the first time I’ve had any visible trouble/problems with the upgrade process. Before I did any upgrading I backup the db and the files that I had. Though I had trouble uploading to the wrong place, got everything working – generally again. Then… Read More Blog Update

Miner updates

For those who follow this blog you might notice the change in the title because 1) I want to see what works and what doesn’t work, and 2) I wanted to change it for a bit of time, finally 3) the purpose of this blog might change to a varing degree by the end of… Read More Miner updates

My other site

Well on my other site which happens to be a pet site of all things, anyways I’ve added some “store affiliate” links to a online book store retailer which I won’t name here. Anyway, I’ve done it to help with cost of hosting the other site. If you want to know more then please read… Read More My other site

WordPress and Yahoo

Well, I’ve read about WordPress now being offered on Yahoo Small Business plans and it so happens that this site, and this blog is being hosted by Yahoo. Stuff like this would generally does happen to me when I’ve almost or already decided on doing something like changing hosting providers which I’ve decided to do,… Read More WordPress and Yahoo

rss/url updates

For those who use rss feeds for the following blogs: and – I’ve updated the url to redirect to my main blog at Please update any rss feeds to this feed. Thank you. Peter

my site

Well, I’m in the process of updating my website after some time that I haven’t done so. While I’m glad that I’m really getting around and updating it. I found that I could and maybe should redo the navigation structure of the site, and also put like pages together such as the about, sitemap, and… Read More my site