Camera Lenses

I’ve been looking to expand my Canon Camera lenses collection for my Canon 60D camera. One type of lenses that I’m planning to get is an Macro lens. As for other types of lenses that I want to get to get are telephoto lenses and I know it comes down to personal preference. Since, majority… Read More Camera Lenses

Sharing a Tweet….

Below is a tweet that I wrote on Twitter and I wanted to share on this site. Please leave a comment below if you like. I would like to expand on how I take videos and I want to show different viewpoints while filming video’s. One thing that I want to get soon is a… Read More Sharing a Tweet….

New Links (weekly)

Cassidy: Yep, workers hate their jobs, even — gasp! — in Silicon Valley tags: from:GReader Forums: overheating woes, Safari gripes and more tags: from:GReader Master These Five Lightroom Sliders and Your Photos Will Pop tags: from:GReader WPTavern: WordPress Isn’t Done Yet, Or Is It? tags: from:GReader Watch: Chicago Student Missing After Lakefront Walk tags: from:GReader… Read More New Links (weekly)


Recently I signed up for and I found it useful since I found a way to save and since saved photo’s off of my iPad. Then after doing that I found through the Apple discussion forums I found out that I could have use iPhoto that came with my Mac Laptop. It was a… Read More Dropbox

Finally moved hosts

Well I’ve finally moved hosting company’s for this site. I went from Yahoo! Web Hosting to WestHost. Its taken me at least 3 to 5 1/2 years to actually make the move. Partly trying to find a host that I could transition to and not knowing how to make such moves. I’ve used Yahoo for… Read More Finally moved hosts

An Update

Got a response from my hosting company, but then the way I worded the email to them wasn’t that good either. The problem that I’ve had over the July 4th weekend is that some how this site and a WordPress testing blog that I have on this site got screwed up so now both aren’t… Read More An Update

links for 2010-04-27, a simple url shortener (tags: url tools tinyurl web2.0 web internet tool urlshortener url-shortener) Kyle Hayes | Proficiency by Derivation (tags: blog flex actionscript development flash blogs javascript) Things about JavaScript I wish I knew earlier | Kyle Hayes | Proficiency by Derivation (tags: javascript blog) Design + Drupal | Sprocket (tags: design drupal… Read More links for 2010-04-27

The new site

Well the new website debuted today (31/07/2008) and I like it. However, there is one thing that I noticed that was missing is unbundled tags – a number of other users have noticed (see here and here). Granted the improvements to have been coming for a long time now, and its just a… Read More The new site

an update of sorts

Just an FYI to those who follow this blog and or who visit my site every so often. I’m in the process of adding Google AdSense to this site to basically try to help with the cost of hosting this site and my pet site. The thing that was preventing me from doing this a… Read More an update of sorts

site problems – yet again

Just FYI to those who follow this blog in readers, etc., I’ve been having intermittent problems with the hosting company that I’m currently with. I don’t know how long these problems would continue and I’ve already sent an email to tech/customer service for help with the problem that I’m having with the MySQL server Updates… Read More site problems – yet again