Train Trip Through California

Here are some photographs that I took with my iPad on my way up to Oregon from Arizona. I managed a way to get to school and since I didn’t have my Canon Camera with me to take photographs the “next” best thing to do – is to take a couple of photographs with my iPad.

Granted these aren’t of the best quality of photographs which is kind of expected with a 1 and 1/2 old iPad.

These were between Paso Robles, CA and Salinas, CA except for the body of water in the gallery. Think I took the photograph in Oregon but not sure.

The Amtrak line that took these photos were on the Coast Starlight.

Enjoy – like or leave a comment below the gallery.

Now waiting for a response… from 2 Universities

Note: I got an email from PSU saying I would hear a decision from them in the next 4 to 6 weeks, and I would figure the same amount of time for University of Oregon.

So, now I’m waiting for a response from Portland State University (PSU) and University of Oregon. The next couple of months will be slow; in regards to, hearing from them.

I’m hoping to get into University of Oregon since its my first choice to attend, and Portland State is my second choice. If I don’t get into either school, I may just transfer to another junior college in the Portland Metro Region.

If getting into the above mentioned Universities and if I don’t transfer to another junior college; I may end up going back up to Alaska and finish school up there.

It’s a matter of waiting and hearing back from the two Universities before I decide on which road to take. Knowing my luck, I just may end up back living in Alaska.

The last 2 years in Portland haven’t been great but alright for the most part. Things could have gotten better, things said differently, and things should have gone differently.

One thing that’s starting to bug me is  my health. I’ve noticed a couple of things that have cropped up recently that have me concerned about. These specific things I hope to get checked out on the sooner side.

Anyways, I hope that these 2 Universities would get the transcripts from the school’s that I’ve already attended. The transcripts went by USPS standard mail which my take 7 to 10 business days (usually). With Portland State they would send out an email saying that they received documents when they would arrive to the admissions office. For some reason I thought the transcripts would have arrived by now to Portland State and to University of Oregon.

Seems like that moving to Oregon and applying to University of Oregon and to Portland State has been a waste of time so far. I may eat these words when and if I hear back from them if I’m admitted to either school, and I would update this post when I do. I might also link to another post when I add note to this post.

I’m just tired of waiting of things that take time to go get done or get processed.


Another Post About Finding Work

Interview (Photo credit: smiling_da_vinci)

Even though I’ve been in Oregon for about 2 years now. I have looked and applying for jobs for most of this time, and there were a couple of places that I got an interview at. Yet at each interview that I did I somehow screwed things up during the interview. It’s either the way that convey information, drawing a blank about stuff, or saying not enough to the interviewer while during the interview.

This last week I had an interview, and the person said they would be in touch this week; which I doubt that they will be.

One of the thing’s I need to improve the way I conduct my self in interviews when I’m able to get an interview. I also need to improve the gathering of information about companies before I have an interview. I know that there are ways to improve one self for the interview process, and since I’m taking classes, I’ll be looking into these workshop’s for help. I just need to look for these workshops at the school that I’m attending at, or through the state employment center’s.

There are other factors that go when I’m applying and getting interviews for jobs, but I won’t really mention them here now, or anytime soon.
bye for now….

Finding Photographic Supplies

Hello folks,

I’m looking for a good quality online store that sells 35mm film for a 35mm film based camera. The type of film that I’m looking for is the following: black and white at 1600 ISO. Where I’m living the store I usually shop at no longer sells film with this ISO rate. Plus any other supplies that I could get online except for the processing liquid itself.

I’m on a budget of some kind and don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money. Though I don’t mind spending little extra for quality supplies. At this time – all of this would be an education related purchases.

I know I could just use Google to search for photograph supplies and visit many websites – which I don’t mind doing and found a couple that look promising but I would like to get some suggestions from anyone with a good photographic background and who has had bought supplies online in the past.

Thanks to anyone for any and all suggestions.

The proverbial Fork in the Road

As you may tell by the title of this post that there’s a proverbial “Fork in the Road” decision is coming soon that I should or need to make – well in 6 to 7 months time. The decision that I’m trying to make is to whether stay here in Alaska for 2 more years and finish University, or to move to back to the “lower 48” next summer and could finish at another University that I have in mind. I don’t want to say which University that I’m thinking of applying to transfer to yet.

During this time I would need to consider some other factor whether or not I should stay or to leave Alaska. The reason for that statement is that there somethings that are somewhat “beyond my reach” but that’s not the phrase that I’m not looking for. The other phrase I might consider is “beyond my control.” There might be one or two other phrase’s that might be helpful or be used in this situation but can’t think of these phrase’s.

As I’ve just said that there are few other factors to be or should be considered and depending on what happens with these other outside factors/choices would help me make the decision whether or not to stay in Alaska.

Now here is the main reason for this “Fork in the Road” decision I should or need to make: I see an opportunity or an opportunity is presenting its self to me to leave the state of Alaska sometime during this next year possibly for a very long time. If I choose to stay here in Alaska to finish University I doubt that I’ll never leave this state for a long time, and miss a lot of opportunity to broaden my horizon’s in life. Like to travel the planet – see a later paragraph.

Anyway, looking at the situation that I’m currently in is making me think about what I want to do with my future. What I see is that I could stay for several more years and finish University and live here for the next 10 years or more, or I could move in 8 – 9 months and attend another University and “get on” with the rest of my life and have minimal contact with my family over the intervening years as time marches forward. Though there is possibly nothing wrong with either choice with what I want to do with the rest of my life.

If I stay here and finish University here in Alaska I would be done in approximately 2 years time starting in Fall 2008. If I do stay it looks like that I would be taking at least 5 classes per term – not that I mind taking that many classes at one time, though it would be difficult to manage my time among other things.

If I do move and attend another University in the “lower 48” I would figure that it would take me, I think, at least 3 years or more to complete the required course work at the new University that I might attend.

Though I wasn’t planning to be taking classes this long (started in Fall 2002), now is Fall 2007. What I wanted to do was to transfer to another University 2 years ago and that didn’t happen at all. Basically it was poor of did proper planning on my part. I did take several classes over again which screwed things up for me academically in the long run.

Now the problem or the questions I need to ask my self are: What should I do about my education?, Should I stay in Alaska and finish University here?, Should I transfer to another University and finish my education there? Should I stay here and finish my education here then go to another University and get another degree? Should I take a break from University altogether for a year and travel?

One thing that I would like to do is to visit several countries and a few other state’s in the U.S. The places that I would like to visit to while on break from University are Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, maybe Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Canada. Though not in this order and would or could take me several years to travel to each country listed here.

During the next 3 to 4 months would help me to determine whether or not on what happens if I’m choose to transfer to another University or to stay in Alaska for the next 5 to 10 years. Though I didn’t plan to stay in Alaska as long as I did – nearly 15 years of my life that I’ve been living here. The truth is that I’ve been wanting to leave Alaska for the last 5 years and the situation that I’m in prevented – well mostly prevented me from leaving and “getting on” with my life.

As I’ve said earlier in this post that there’s an opportunity for me to leave, now the problem is whether or not I should take this chance and take life by the balls and run with it.

I could go on with this post and talk more but it seems like that I’ve got the majority of it said here in this post and I would be just babaling on like a jack rabbit – if there’s ever such a thing to witness. I might post updates to this over time depending on what happens over the next several months.

Bye for now….


A new camera

Well today I got a new digital camera an Olympus brand and I like it so far. I’m going to take a quite a few pictures of the next few months, in part is that I’m taking a digital photography class. In this class I would learn a good way, I think, on how to use a digital camera, along with learning some useful feature of the Adobe Photoshop program.

In a way I’m glad that I got a digital camera and taking a class about digital photography basically so I could post more pictures to my family pet site. Also to my flickr account.

Hopefully I would also be posting some – maybe one or two here soon.

bye for now…

No wounder I hate taking some classes

As much as I like taking classes it just seems like that this last school year at the university where I’m taking classes at, that I’ve choosing poorly in classes to take. For example, a math class that I took last fall there was just way too much homework assigned and it gotten to the point where I had to either audit or withdrew from the course all together. Though I audited the math class I felt that I should have withdrew from it in the first place.

As for my classes that were just finished, I thought that I was doing poorly in the 2 classes that I was taking. In my oceans class I thought that it was going to be differant than what it was. When this started it started from the “Big Bang” and went from there. Like if I wanted to know something like that I would’ve taken a geology class about the Earth. Anyways, the teachers and the TA’s are a bunch of A–holes and somewhat cocky too, also bunch of know it all freeks that they think that they are better than everyone else. Frankly the oceans class that I’m talking about should be canceled and no longer be offered in any form what so ever. And the TA’s and the teachers for this course weren’t that too helpful in anyway what so ever like they don’t even care if you have a fucking learning disability of some kind. But then I was able to slide through 1-12 grade to some degree.

Anyways, enough of that, as for my Art class that I just took this last spring I could have done better on most – if not all of the projects that were handed out during the spring term. The art class that I took was a good class to take but still I could have done better on the projects.

As for the summer goes, I’m planning to take one class this summer – another art class – which I should have taken before the class that I just did this last spring. But hey I didn’t think of about that til just now.

Even though I have about 2 good years left of taking classes to get my degree, I just for some reason want to take a long break before I actully finish getting my degree. I really don’t know why I want to other than the fact that I’ve been taking classes for the 3-4 years (since fall of 2002). Though after taking classes for this long it just seems that all I’ve been doing recently is to complain like crazy about the teachers and the classes that I’ve been taking. Plus, I think its also the way my current living situation and one of my older siblings is being a pain of the ass.

Even though there’s about 2 years left of classes to take I’m starting to think about grad school and where I want to go to. I’m thinking of going to grad school in London, Austrailia and several University’s in Western United States. Though I should decide on which school’s to apply to within the next year – 18 months. I might take a break after getting my B.A. degree.

At this point I just don’t want to put thing’s into stone and then totally change them and make a real mess of things of my plans when thing’s are just about to happen. Some how some thing’s will get screwed up in some fashion and any plans that I’ve had to any point would possibly get screwed anyway knowing the way my luck goes about planning stuff.

bye for now…

Tired of school already, etc.

Recently for some reason I just wanted withdraw from classes I’m currently taking. I’ve become tired of just going to classes or just by going up to the local unviersity. I don’t think I’ll will even take classes during this coming summer.

As far as taking classes for a Master of Arts degree, I’m thinking of studing in England or in Austraila or maybe even in Italy but haven’t decided yet since I have a couple of more years of classes though.

I’m half way tempted to just walk away from taking classes and school in general. At this point I just need to have some kind of dramatic change in my life, preferably on the sooner side, but I doubt that would happen anytime soon.

As it is, I’m just plain frustrated about everything in general but specificly about school. I want a major change in my life but it seems like that I’m on the verge of that major change but feels like I’m being held back just enough that its just out of range to do it.


my to do list while on school break

There are many things that I want to do while I’m on christmas break from school. For example I want to straiting up my room a little cause it’s gottent to the point where I almost can’t find anything where things have the most mess on them – like on my desk and 1 or 2 other places in my room. Granted I probaly should be cleaning my room now instead of doing this entry.

Another thing I should or need to get back into doing is going to the gym on a daily basis during the week. School starts up on Jan. 19 and I think I have enough time to get back into the habit of going to the gym by the time schools starts up again but then the next 2 weeks might or would go by quickly knowing my luck.

Anyways, in a way I’m glad that I’ve decided to just take 2 classes in the spring and anymore than that. The 2004-2005 school year is when I peaked when I took a full load of classes – like a total of 9 classes. Each was 3 credit course. But then it would be better if I paced myself better as far as taking classes over the next couple of yrs.

Though at this point I don’t know what and how many classes that I left to take after this coming summer. I would be taking at least 2 classes or so in the fall 2006 at UAF. I just need to see how things go over the next 8 months in regards to school.

later all

School in the spring

Well, its about time to register for classes for the spring term. Even though I want to take classes in the spring term (spring 2006), but at this point I want to take a break from taking classes, and I don’t know if I should or not. I know I should take some classes in the upcoming school term.

Another problem, well not really a problem perse, well its about taking math classes that I might still need to take in order to get my degree in Art. Then there is another concern of the type of concertration in Art I want to do. Even though I want to computer art – which is offered under the B of Arts program, is just that it might only be offered in the interdispling studies college, and if that’s the case I might do my Art concertration in drawing then I would go somewhere else to work in computer art of some kind.

After nearly 2 1/2 to 3 yrs of taking classes I’m getting some burnout – just because I’m tired of taking classes at of the time. Granted some classes were fun, its the “but still” type mentallity that I’ve gotten into recently. Though if I do still take classes in the spring it might be just one or two classes. If I did that though it would take me longer to take classes. Tentativly I’m planning atleast 2 or 3 more years after this school year is over at UAF.

Though I do like taking classes, its just getting boring after the last year or so. As far as getting a job of some kind, which I’m trying to do at the present time. I found it getting more difficult to actully getting hired on. Granted I have a speratic work history for someone my age. But still I’m still an able body person to work.

Anyway, back to school, its about time to get ready for finals for the classes that I’m currently taking. Finals week is the 2nd week of December which is nice because I have about a good month off between semesters end and begins.


life, school, such and a lot of bs…

I’m at a point in life that I don’t want to have too much going on with my life, but at this point I just want to have the simple things in life. Which brings me to school, sort of, that is, I just want to get a degree in a field that I want to study in but even then I just want to get done with collage over with. Though I don’t mind taking and going to classes, but its to the point I just want to leave the state of Alaska and have a degree of some kind when I do leave this …. state. But then I should be open to the possibility of never leaving the state of Alaska ever again, which if that happens, I just don’t know what I will do with my time, life, etc. But who knows what will happen over the next several years or so.

I just want to get back to the “lower 48” where I could just drive to whereever I want to go to, instead of flying. I’m the type of person that wants to have the simple things in life and stuff like that, but then it may not happen that way. I just have to see how things are turned out with school and wheather or not I’m able to move back to the “lower 48” or not.

later’s all 🙂