Spring-ish Update

Hello All…. I was planning to have this post be, well, posted back in January or early February, but obviously this didn’t happen. Aside from the New Years Resolution post and a couple others over the last year, I know its been quite for some time on this site between posts. Well, I have moved… Read More Spring-ish Update

Time flies

Time sure as passed quickly over the last two months and it just seemed like that school had started for the term. Yet, now finals are just a couple of weeks away. During this time my disposition has improved to some degree for reasons that I don’t want to say here. Anyway, I’m hoping that… Read More Time flies

Finding Work

Note: This is cross posted with this post. The crossed listed post is long gone. For most of the year I’ve been putting in applications to a lot of companies with no luck. I’ve gotten an interview with one company but wasn’t offered a position that I had an interview with. With the amount of… Read More Finding Work

daylight savings time

Note: This is a post that I complaining about the change over of daylight savings time. In other words I’m just ranting on in a useless post. Otherwise don’t complain, if any complaints they’ll be deleted – fair warning. I don’t know why but daylight saving time this year has screwed me up to some… Read More daylight savings time


Generally I don’t mind traveling at all, its just the leading up to getting on to the plane that I don’t like. What I mean is that before I travel to some where or head back home I get a nervous feeling that I would leave something important behind or something that has sentimental value… Read More Traveling

lack of writing

There’s a lot of things that I want to write down and say a bunch of stuff but can’t bring myself on doing it. There’s some weired – well odd stuff going on with my family which I won’t say here. My main problem now is trying to get what I want to say, etc… Read More lack of writing


Recently I haven’t had a lot of motivation to attend to things that I want, should or need to do. One example is going to the gym on a regular basis. Another is working – well updating my website – another would be switching the feeds for this blog over to feedburner. I’m putting the… Read More Motivation

Taking a break…

As you might notice the title of this post that I’m going to stop blogging for – well atleast until the end of summer. Its to the point where I want to reevaluate the direction of this blog and the rest of my site between now the end of August. THough I would try to… Read More Taking a break…

My Grandfather’s birthday

Yesterday, July 8, would have been my Grandfathers 98th birthday but alas he died about 3 to 4 years ago. Which is sad because my grandmother is now in the hospital and I don’t know if she would make it, though I’m hoping for the best.

Missing Dogs

Because of a delivery drivers son from a local pizza place here in Fairbanks, Alaska left open one of the gates that where my dogs run. This happend around 9:30 to 10:30 pm Friday night (July 7, 2006). Now I can’t find my dog. The picture’s of my missing dog are attached to this post.… Read More Missing Dogs

Going to the Gym

Seems that I’ve been very laxed about going to the health club for the past year or so – well more than a year. Granted I’ve been going every so often but I’m talking about going a regular basis – like 5 days a week and not 1 to 3 days a week type of… Read More Going to the Gym

Many thing’s to do…

There are many thing’s that I want to do like writing more post’s on this blog and I know what I say – generally speaking – its just getting around to actully writing some post’s or working on my site (updating it). I’ve relasied that I’ve been blogging in some fashion for about the last… Read More Many thing’s to do…