I have been thinking of adding Vlogs to this site. For those who follow this site and anyone really that is reading this post What do you think of this idea of adding Vlogs to this site.

I still haven’t fully decided what to talk about in the videos. I have at least one idea and a few other ideas for some videos.

Though, I would be manly talking about my life but at the same time it would be rather boring to say the least if all I did was to talk about the past and possible what if’s of the future.

I may just make some videos and not publish for a bit of time, which I could easily do at this time.

Anyways, for those who can comment please do share what you think of this idea. I may post at least one of the videos that I may do at some point in the near future.

Also, there is a feedback button to the lower left of the page as another way to leave a comment.

I would appreciate some kind of feed back. Hope to hear from you….

Brief Hello and Update

Hello All… Just a brief hello and a small update that I’m still around if anyone is interested. Also, I’ve updated the site address to peterlbrett.blog from peterlbrett.com and for those who are wondering is that there is some possible changes to the focus of this site.

Here is a church that is down a street in Virginia City, Nevada.
Here is a church that is down a street in Virginia City, Nevada.

At least I’m going to try to post more to this site after the first of the year. Since I’ve moved to a different state and trying to give myself a good kick in the backside about getting stuff done.

I’m the process of writing a long post that I’m going to try to publish before Christmas – if not by the end of the month.

Merry Christmas to all and have save travels for those might be traveling.

An Update on my Dog

Please Note: This GoFundMe campaign has closed.

I’ve posted an update on the GoFundMe Page (opens in a new window) that I have set up for one of my dogs for those whose interested in helping out.

For the update: I need to get another round of blood work done for updated numbers for her for Valley Fever. I, also, need to need to get some pain medication so she can walk better. You can find video’s at this link.

Below are photos of Lolo and Rogue. These two dogs helped me to stay upbeat for ninety-nine point nine percent of the time. With the last one percent is when I think about my family and the dogs I’ve lost over the years.

Have a good weekend folks.


Here is Lolo sitting in the sun one afternoon.
Here is Lolo sitting in the sun one afternoon.

Here is Lolo and Rogue standing outside of my place before taking a walk.
Here is Lolo and Rogue standing outside of my place before taking a walk.

local news websites

One thing that I’ve noticed recently about websites for local news websites, here in Fairbanks and the statewide news website, is that there is a limited about of news, almost like there not putting a lot more news article’s. Granted there might be reasons for not putting more articles that the local news paper and tv stations don’t want to share online but still I wish that they would like have a lot more articles on their website.

I wish that they would have more local, statewide, and other interesting articles that are found on the web without going to other news website, like national or regional news sites.

more to come and maybe edited later…

MercuryNews.com: It’s official: That was a finger in chili

I found this story unnerving because its really makes me sick to my stomach and it gives me another reason why I don’t eat at Wendy’s, plus their food doesn’t agree with me.

This story reminded me of another incident when I was still living in California. I was having dinner with my family at a Mexican restaurant that was at one of the nearby malls. Another patron of this restaurant found a scorpion in her salad while this person was eating the salad.

Just be sure to check what your eating before you actually eat the food.

A story about the Anglican Church

I found this story on Yahoo News! about the seperation of the Anglican Church, which to me seems so damn stupid, because that no matter what church that you might belong too unable or unwilling to change simply that they must (or generally) follow the bible.

This whole thing about gays in general seems so stupid but you can’t really change people, they are who they are. But, in this case, everyone should find somekind of common ground about having gays openly in the Anglican Church or any other church for that fact.