Mailing It In –

Here is an article on about how bad the customer service is or at least how bad its gotten over the years. This article (link below) points out things that the US post office could improve upon. Read On: Mailing It In –


I was noticing earlier tonight (11/21/2005) that – from what I could tell added new feature recently or I’ve just never noticed some stuff before. Maybe the later because I’ve been looking around’s site for a while. Another thing that I’ve noticed to today was the cleaner/nicer design of the general look of… Read More improved


D’oh! “The Simpsons” Got Game – Yahoo! News – This is very interesting article about “The Simpsons” and video games. read on if you like…. Peter

Another blog

Well I’ve got another blog. Granted I don’t need another blog, I’ve had a couple other hosted on my site, but I thought of giving a try. It’s interesting so far when I first logged in. I planning to use it as a backup to this blog and this site, but I’ll see how… Read More Another blog

interesting… very interesting

I found this site by the way of this site. I found this pictular section of very interesting because it show’s the type of character I am. It turns out that I’m han solo… It’s an interesting site to visit and see what’s its like. laters


One thing I’ve noticed recently here in Fairbanks (Alaska), is that a lot of people are wearing white hats. Or, atleast the majority of people that do wear hat’s here in Fairbanks. I don’t know if its a trend that “in” right now or not. But its just one of those weird thing’s I’ve noticed… Read More hats


I’ve posted some links below to stories that I have found interesting and liked to some degree. One specific story that didn’t sit well with me, the story where a hotel is being built, but I’ll let you be the judge of the contents of the story. Also, these might not work after some time… Read More Links