Photographs of Mt. Shasta

Hello All,

I have added a gallery page for the time that I stopped at the Mt. Shasta View Point alone southbound Interstate 5 in Northern California.

Photograph taken from the M Shasta View Point turn out.
Taken from the Mt. Shasta View point turn out on south bound Interstate 5 in Northern California.

This is one of many galleries that I will be adding to this site. When I do add gallery pages I’ll be updating the main Gallery page to show the pages that I’ve added along the what I say on the page.

Digitizing Family Photo Albums

This is a small beach and a dead tree.
This is a small beach and a dead tree.

A few hours ago I thought of working on a project that would take some time to do. That project is Digitizing all of my family photo albums that my family has built up over the years. I figured that this would be a way to keep these photos that were taken over time. After scanning each photo, I thought of doing touch up to any photos that would need a touch up.

I know that it would take time to scan each photo into my computer and time to do any touch up to any number of photos. I would assume that doing this would, in a way, keep all the photographs for a long time to come. By doing this I would need a lot of storage space on my computer.

Though it would be sometime before I would actually sit down and do this, since the photo albums are in storage. Once I get everything that I need out of storage and set up a workhorse of a computer then I would start digitizing the photographs.

I doubt that I’ll scan the 8 1/2″ by 11″ pictures, I would defiantly scan the 3″ by 5″ photos into the computer and archive them onto a DVD disk. I, also, thought about putting the photographs onto a gallery style site of some kind some where and have it password protected, so that only a few people can look at the photos. Though, I doubt that I’ll be doing that last thing that I said, giving how many photographs that there are in the albums.

I even thought about turning this into a business of some kind, I may or may not though. A long story for another time.

I may add to this post or I may add a part 2 post at some point. Contact me or leave a comment below if you like to share thoughts about this. It would be a day or two before responding to any comments on posts or through the contact form.


Columbia Park in North Portland and Mt. Hood

This set of photographs were taking a few months back (February 2013) in North Portland at Columbia Park along North Lombard Street. The photo of Mt. Hood taken near University of Portland looking towards the Southeast in the evening sunset. The photos had been edited to bring out the sunlight in each one.

Finding Photographic Supplies

Hello folks,

I’m looking for a good quality online store that sells 35mm film for a 35mm film based camera. The type of film that I’m looking for is the following: black and white at 1600 ISO. Where I’m living the store I usually shop at no longer sells film with this ISO rate. Plus any other supplies that I could get online except for the processing liquid itself.

I’m on a budget of some kind and don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money. Though I don’t mind spending little extra for quality supplies. At this time – all of this would be an education related purchases.

I know I could just use Google to search for photograph supplies and visit many websites – which I don’t mind doing and found a couple that look promising but I would like to get some suggestions from anyone with a good photographic background and who has had bought supplies online in the past.

Thanks to anyone for any and all suggestions.

needing a new camera

Well as the title suggests that I’m looking for a new camera, well, a new digital camera. At the moment I’m not looking for a high end digital camera, but one for the serious amateur who’s looking for a wide assortment of experience with different brands of digital camera’s.

I’m at a loss as to what to get and to try out. I would like to try all of the major brands of camera’s but don’t have that kind of money to spend. I know its a personal choice as to what kind of camera to get in the end.

I’ve had a digital camera for the last 18 months or so, and it’s no longer working and I can’t even turn it on. Its a “starter” digital camera – there’s no question about that. Its an Olympus SP-510 UZ and if you like to know what happened to it then read it here. Though I go into more detail – sort of – on this blog and might get a camera from the same model line like the one that died on me.

This last week to where I bought the above mentioned camera and found another from the same model line but its a “fancier” model which I might so I have for the intern basis ’til I get a “heavy duty” model at a later time.

Basically what I’m looking for is a review site of some kind to compare all of the different kinds of cameras that are currently on the market. That would compare just about all of the features from the basic to the high end of cameras that would or could be used in various fields that has photography.

Thought of posting here to what is suggested or what comes of the reaction of this post. If you would like to know more just leave a comment here on this post or at the link above….. Later.

Looking for a new Camera

Over this last weekend the digital camera gave up on working basically I got it wet by the way of rain. It is and was a stupid thing to do and let it happen. Though its working to some degree, at this point in time I’m basically for a newer camera with a whole lot more features and such. The type of camera I would like to get will be said later in the post.

Basically what happened was that I walked around my family’s undeveloped property and took my Olympus camera with me to take some pictures that I might want to take. Didn’t find worth while stuff to take pictures of then before I started back to my family home, rain started to come down and I wasn’t able to cover the camera from the rain – so in turn it got wet. I didn’t do a good job cleaning off the water from the camera and so when I tried to take a picture on Saturday evening of the sun on some clouds during the sunset – that’s when I noticed the camera wasn’t turning on. At this point I was swearing at myself for getting the camera wet.

The camera that I have is an Olympus SP-510 UZ granted it may not be the better cameras to have after reading some reviews on the web. As it is I’ve been planning to get a much better Olympus model or one of the following cameras: Nikon, Canon, or Sony camera.

I’m not quite sure to what I’m looking for in a new camera at the moment. Though I want both 35mm SLR and a Digital SLR, I’m not sure which one to get first and that’s part of the problem that I’m having at the moment is choosing the type of camera that I want to use one a regular basis. When I do get both types of cameras I’m planning to get several lenses for each kind of camera. Like telescoping, mid range, and use a standard range of lenses or at least I think there is.

Though in planning in getting both types of cameras I’m planning to spend some serious money so it wouldn’t really be an issue when I would actually buy the cameras.

In the mean time, what I might do is to get a similar Olympus type camera for the interim basis entail I get a good quality digital and 35mm SLR.

But my problem is the researching part of the equation of the endeavor of getting a new camera. So for those who follow this blog or to anyone else to reads this blog – my question to you is: Do any of you know any site’s that have a good array of reviews of camera’s ?


P.S. I may post something when I would get a new camera whether if its for the interim basis or when I finally get a good quality Digital and 35mm SLR.

P.S.S. This post may be edited further at some point, don’t know for sure at the moment.

Flickr and Yahoo Photos

This last Wensday I went to Yahoo Photos and finaly able to transfering all of my photos from there to flickr which I wanted to do for a while now. I read at about how Yahoo finaly let its users to move their pictures and the majority of their stuff to other services. One things that I’ve discovered after having all of pictures moved to flickr is that I was able to 3 free months of their “pro” service to me its nice because I was thinking of upgrading to flickr pro for a while now. Now I’m able to take a test drive of their pro service for 3 months to see if I like it and may want to keep it, then I may renew it in the fall.

Now, the only problem for me is to upload the pictures that I recently took a few weeks back in May. Though one thing I would like to do is to intergrate my flickr photograhps into a website that I have else where – which hopefully I’ll be working on this summer.

Bye for now…