I have been thinking of adding Vlogs to this site. For those who follow this site and anyone really that is reading this post What do you think of this idea of adding Vlogs to this site.

I still haven’t fully decided what to talk about in the videos. I have at least one idea and a few other ideas for some videos.

Though, I would be manly talking about my life but at the same time it would be rather boring to say the least if all I did was to talk about the past and possible what if’s of the future.

I may just make some videos and not publish for a bit of time, which I could easily do at this time.

Anyways, for those who can comment please do share what you think of this idea. I may post at least one of the videos that I may do at some point in the near future.

Also, there is a feedback button to the lower left of the page as another way to leave a comment.

I would appreciate some kind of feed back. Hope to hear from you….

Train Trip Clip Video

Here is a two minute video of a handful of shorter videos that I took during a trip that I took several years ago while traveling on Amtrak. I don’t remember if I was heading south to Arizona or heading to either Oregon or to the State of Washington. There is just the background noise of the train and of the people.

There is up to 5 to 8 short videos that were put into this larger video. Here is a link to my YouTube channel where you can find a handful of other videos that were filmed on my phone.

The Moon

Here is the moon that was out on the night of October 12 2017 and the morning of October 13 2017.

For some reason I’ve wanted to take a lot of photo’s of the moon recently. At some point I might take a month and photograph the moon. I know there are/were other people who do take photographs of the moon over the course of the night or during a month, but I just want to give it a gander. Though I’m going to wait til I have a working car to do this, and to look for a good out-of-the-way spot with less light pollution to this small project.

Here is the moon on the night of October 12 2017 and the morning of October 13 2017.
Here is the moon on the night of October 12 2017 and the morning of October 13 2017.

Quarter Moon

Here is a photo of a Quarter Moon that I took this one evening in Arizona. It’s one of few photographs that I’ve taken of the Moon over the last four to six months.

As far as I know this it’s named a Quarter Moon; however, if it’s named differently please let me know and I’ll update this post.

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Duck Swimming to Shore

Here are two videos of a duck that swam to the shore that’s on my families property on a lake near Lake Tahoe. The duck seemed to expecting food and this took place on a late September evening in 2014 before colder weather had settled in for the season.

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Summer Solstice Moon

I took these photographs of the moon late at night on the night on (or before) of the Summer Solstice (June 20, 2016). It took a bit of time to adjust some settings of my camera to able to capture a clear series of photographs of the moon. It was one of those times I had one of those “Ah Ha” moments when I discovered how to do something different and its like bringing two puzzle pieces together.

For the longest time I wanted to take clear photographs of the Moon and I finally did. Now I know how which setting and dials on the camera to change to do this I’m going to try to capture other phases of the Moon.

In the past when I took photos at night there was enough light from street/parking lights that I didn’t need to change it before. I wasn’t able to photograph the moon when it was rising above the horizon.

A lake at night

Here is a 30 second video that I did on September 10, 2014 at dusk. I’m looking west from a dock and you could barely see lights on the west side of the lake. I had one of my dogs with me and you could hear them shake in the background of the short video. There’s a little light coming from behind the mountain.


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Portland’s Rose Quarter and the Willamette River along with Flowering Cherry Trees

I took these photos at the Japanese American Historical Park with some Flowering Cherry Trees and in the background and across the Willamette River in the Convention Center and Moda Center; along with the Steel Bridge. One of the photos is a little part of the east bank of the Willamette River and there is a part of Interstate 5 that runs on the east side of Portland. There is a map below the photographs of where I took these.

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