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Holiday Cooking

One thing that I’ve found that I’ve missed is cooking holiday meals during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday’s. I haven’t cooked a turkey since the fall of 2007. I know I’m out of practice in cooking a Turkey and all the trimmings that go with it.

A cooked Turkey with stuffing on a platter.
A cooked Turkey with stuffing on a platter.

There are several reason’s that I haven’t cooked a turkey in so long is that I have many reasons, but I’ll least give three reasons in this post. The first reason is that to give my sister what it was like when I was helping my mother all the time before she passed away. The second reason is that my mother passed away on the better part of 6 years ago. The last reason is that I never really had a good proper cooking kitchen to cook in. Namely no space of any kind in apartments.

This is a picture of a turkey being cooked in a smoker.
This is a picture of a turkey being cooked in a smoker.

I basically went from houses to apartment’s for the last 5 and half years.

Anyway, recently I’ve been very slowly getting an interest of doing things again in where I had some interest before. One area is cooking in the kitchen again; and, it’s just a matter of getting a better kitchen setup so I can cook and have healthier meals. Also, to grow my own vegetables and fruits in a backyard.

Now all I really need is to have a small gathering of friends and a good kitchen to cook in to have a party of some kind over the holiday’s.

Enjoy the weekend folks.


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