Santa Fe Railroad’s La Grande Station


The Moorish-style La Grande Station opened July 29, 1893, at 2nd Street and Santa Fe Avenue. In addition to the exotic architecture, La Grande Station featured lush gardens and later, a Harvey House restaurant.

In the 1920s, summer discount tickets by all railroads brought a major influx of tourists to Los Angeles. During the 1924 influx, the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Le Grande station was featured in a May 19, 1924, Los Angeles Times story:

Wide-eyed and wondering, the vanguard of the great army of summer tourists that will make their way across the plains of the Middle West and over the Rockies for the next few months, arrived in Los Angeles yesterday.

Beginning at 7:30 o’clock yesterday morning the three great trans-continental railroads into Los Angeles began pouring tourists into the city by the trainload. The climax to the day’s influx came early in the afternoon when the…

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