links for 2011-06-26

15 Free IDEs for Developers (tags: ide programming tools free editor development software opensource) HTML5 Front End Development Framework | G5 Framework (tags: html5 framework css css3 webdesign jquery javascript php) HTML5 Snippets (tags: html5 css3 snippets webdesign css design web resources) 10 useful .htaccess snippets to have in your toolbox | (tags: htaccess… Read More links for 2011-06-26

Finally moved hosts

Well I’ve finally moved hosting company’s for this site. I went from Yahoo! Web Hosting to WestHost. Its taken me at least 3 to 5 1/2 years to actually make the move. Partly trying to find a host that I could transition to and not knowing how to make such moves. I’ve used Yahoo for… Read More Finally moved hosts

updating stuff

Hello again folks, I’m going to update the dns to redirect to my other host now. Things should transfer over smoothly. I’ll be checking the site over the next couple of days to see how things are going. If you follow this blog please let me know if there’s trouble – if you like to… Read More updating stuff

links for 2011-06-12

Washington County Cooperative Library Services | (tags: library oregon books reference libraries education online research wccls) Stuck In Customs HDR Photography (tags: photography hdr blog photos travel photo art photoblog photoshop)

An Update

Got a response from my hosting company, but then the way I worded the email to them wasn’t that good either. The problem that I’ve had over the July 4th weekend is that some how this site and a WordPress testing blog that I have on this site got screwed up so now both aren’t… Read More An Update

Site issues – again

For those who follow this blog – I’m having issues with my hosting company again.  So this site will be sluggish for a while things are figured out with the hosting company. peter