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I got a new MacBook Pro

Yesturday I picked up a newly ordered an Apple 17″ MacBook Pro with a Intel processer and with 2GB of memory though I placed the order for this computer – which I’m writing this post with – a couple of days before classes startes at UAF. I finally picked it up yesturday and spent the night – well into the night of updating software, installing, and downloading some free software last night. Granted, it helps that I have a dsl connection to the internet which made downloading updates to the Mac OS X some what in a quicker time than with a dail-up connection. Anyways, I’ll hopefully be putting some picture’s up while I was unpacking the computer and after it got to the desktop.

Frankly, its much nicer to use a Mac after a couple years of using a Windows PC. Granted I’ll be using this portable mainly for school for the next couple of years and for a couple of years after that. Though it would take some time to get used to using the keyboard and this laptop – well maybe longer than a while because its the largest laptop that Apple makes.

Another reason that I got the largest MacBook Pro is that I’m thinking of having my major in Photography/Photojournalism and or in New Media in the journalism department at uaf but at this point I haven’t “offically” declared my major yet. I’ll make the final decsion after this semster is over with and after on how well I’ll do in the math class that I’m in.

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