I got a new MacBook Pro

Yesturday I picked up a newly ordered an Apple 17″ MacBook Pro with a Intel processer and with 2GB of memory though I placed the order for this computer – which I’m writing this post with – a couple of days before classes startes at UAF. I finally picked it up yesturday and spent the night – well into the night of updating software, installing, and downloading some free software last night. Granted, it helps that I have a dsl connection to the internet which made downloading updates to the Mac OS X some what in a quicker time than with a dail-up connection. Anyways, I’ll hopefully be putting some picture’s up while I was unpacking the computer and after it got to the desktop.

Frankly, its much nicer to use a Mac after a couple years of using a Windows PC. Granted I’ll be using this portable mainly for school for the next couple of years and for a couple of years after that. Though it would take some time to get used to using the keyboard and this laptop – well maybe longer than a while because its the largest laptop that Apple makes.

Another reason that I got the largest MacBook Pro is that I’m thinking of having my major in Photography/Photojournalism and or in New Media in the journalism department at uaf but at this point I haven’t “offically” declared my major yet. I’ll make the final decsion after this semster is over with and after on how well I’ll do in the math class that I’m in.

Under the Influence of Giants

… the group that is, reminds me of bands, sounds, and music from the 1970’s. Even though I’m barely old enough to remember the very late 70’s – well the last couple of years of the 70’s. By admiting that would probaly give you the general age of yours truly.

And the music video for this band also reminds me of those from that time too even though that there weren’t basic cable channel’s like MTV to show them yet.

The song/music video that has been playing on MTV/MTV2, VH1, and maybe Fuse too would help me in considering in buying the song singal (?spelling) or maybe the album from Under the Influence of Giants.

Then again I might not but who knows on when I would buy more music.

Later all…