Miner updates

For those who follow this blog you might notice the change in the title because 1) I want to see what works and what doesn’t work, and 2) I wanted to change it for a bit of time, finally 3) the purpose of this blog might change to a varing degree by the end of two months time. Though the url/feed title that I have for feedburner will remain the same.

Other updates to this blog would be primarly minor update’s up to any website move. When and if I change hosts there would be changes to the permalinks and other changes too to this blog and site.

I’ll post something well before I’ll actually move this site and the various wordpress based blog’s that I have on this site.


Today’s my Birthday

Well there are few mintues left in the day of my birthday which is today (8/26) or atleast there was. I turned 30 yrs old (yuck). Though I would have thought I would have moved out of Alaska by now but that hasn’t happend – yet.

I just wounder how the next 30 yrs would be like for me.