online chat rooms suck

I don’t know why I bother going to chatrooms of anykind. It just seems that people just want to meet up and have a night of fun or whatever else that might come up. Granted chat rooms have their uses for getting some “fun” but still it might be a way to “unwind” from a long day. I think its to the point where I might just stop from using or visiting chat rooms for a long time, cause I’m just tired of the bulls**t in this type of online interaction.

Anyway, its just that I don’t want to deal with IM’s either, though I haven’t deceided about that either, …..

I might even write off using the internet in just about every way. Granted, I’ve been using the internet in some fashion for the last 15 yrs (well no more than that many yrs – but it may be closer to 13 yrs that I’ve been using the internet).

laters all

Yahoo gobbles up | CNET

This is sure a development of Yahoo buying up I just hope that it would stay ad free, and also keep the current look and feel to it that it has now. I Found the story at Yahoo gobbles up | CNET

Just hope that yahoo doesn’t require or “merge” the user databases together like what their doing with flickr members. If they do, hope it wouldn’t be for a while. But hey anything possible at this point.