These are picture of landscape of nearby land whether it would be my family’s land or other landscape pictures.

my to do list while on school break

There are many things that I want to do while I’m on christmas break from school. For example I want to straiting up my room a little cause it’s gottent to the point where I almost can’t find anything where things have the most mess on them – like on my desk and 1 or 2 other places in my room. Granted I probaly should be cleaning my room now instead of doing this entry.

Another thing I should or need to get back into doing is going to the gym on a daily basis during the week. School starts up on Jan. 19 and I think I have enough time to get back into the habit of going to the gym by the time schools starts up again but then the next 2 weeks might or would go by quickly knowing my luck.

Anyways, in a way I’m glad that I’ve decided to just take 2 classes in the spring and anymore than that. The 2004-2005 school year is when I peaked when I took a full load of classes – like a total of 9 classes. Each was 3 credit course. But then it would be better if I paced myself better as far as taking classes over the next couple of yrs.

Though at this point I don’t know what and how many classes that I left to take after this coming summer. I would be taking at least 2 classes or so in the fall 2006 at UAF. I just need to see how things go over the next 8 months in regards to school.

later all

More new CD’s

Well I got some 5 new CD’s today and no wonder on why CD sales are going down – as far as I last heard. On some of the prices is like almost US$18.00 for at least 3 of the 5 cd’s that I’ve gotten and the total of the 5 cd’s were sort of $80.00.

After I got these 5 cd’s the price reminded me of a Zits cartoon on the music downloading and buying cd’s in a music store of some kind it something to the effect of being “grand larson” or something to that effect about the topic of the specific strip which was sometime ago. Though it did reflect about much things cost today in at least in buying something simple like cd’s.

I’m halfway tempted to buy music thru iTunes and get an iPod at somepoint. As much as I like buying cd’s, I think its gotten to the point where I want to forgo on getting anymore cd’s at some point in the near future and convert my 400 cd collection to the iPod of that’s even possilbe or even legal. Though I would be looking into that even before I buy an iPod. But then I doubt that I will have my cd collection on any iPod that I might get, since I don’t have the time to do put my collection on an iPod that I may or may not get. Sure I want one, but its just a matter of buying an iPod.

I just have to see how thing’s go over winter break and what school is like next term in the spring about getting an iPod or not. Let alone buying music thru iTunes.

laters all

WordPress and Yahoo

Well, I’ve read about WordPress now being offered on Yahoo Small Business plans and it so happens that this site, and this blog is being hosted by Yahoo.

Stuff like this would generally does happen to me when I’ve almost or already decided on doing something like changing hosting providers which I’ve decided to do, but haven’t made up my mind what 2 host’s that I’m looking at now.

Granted I have no general problems with the hosting services that I have with Yahoo.

The reason is that I’m planning to switching, is in part because of the price and its to the point where I what to have more backend support like for htaccess – which to my knowledge Yahoo doesn’t support in any way.

Anyway, I might even would try out the new wordpress that is provided by Yahoo, though I have no plans of upgrading this blog to one that is provided by Yahoo intergrating all of my wordpress-powered blogs that I have into one big blog. Since I already intergrated my accounts into this blog, I don’t want to go through the hassel of having this blog powerd by beta software while the offical release WordPress 2.0 is this coming Monday (12/26/05).

Though I will hold off upgrading to version after a bit of time and maybe after switching hosting providers too.


online chat rooms suck

I don’t know why I bother going to chatrooms of anykind. It just seems that people just want to meet up and have a night of fun or whatever else that might come up. Granted chat rooms have their uses for getting some “fun” but still it might be a way to “unwind” from a long day. I think its to the point where I might just stop from using or visiting chat rooms for a long time, cause I’m just tired of the bulls**t in this type of online interaction.

Anyway, its just that I don’t want to deal with IM’s either, though I haven’t deceided about that either, …..

I might even write off using the internet in just about every way. Granted, I’ve been using the internet in some fashion for the last 15 yrs (well no more than that many yrs – but it may be closer to 13 yrs that I’ve been using the internet).

laters all

Yahoo gobbles up | CNET

This is sure a development of Yahoo buying up I just hope that it would stay ad free, and also keep the current look and feel to it that it has now. I Found the story at Yahoo gobbles up | CNET

Just hope that yahoo doesn’t require or “merge” the user databases together like what their doing with flickr members. If they do, hope it wouldn’t be for a while. But hey anything possible at this point.