classes and such

While I’ve been taking classes for about 10 days now, its gotten to the point where I had to drop a class. But after this last school year and currently taking 2 classes that require alot of time outside of class to do homework and in a way that I did drop a class.

Even though I didn’t get into the degree programes that I want and after the fact that I got accepted, its just I got thinking that I want to change my degree at some point, well maybe in a year or so. I thought of Computer Science and a minor in Business of sorts. Just haven’t decided yet, and I want to see how thing’s go first for a bit of time.

School Sucks already…

Well, its been a little over a week since school started and its already a pain in the ass. I’m taking a math class, a communication class, and 2 computer classes. Though I may drop a computer class, I haven’t decided about that yet. Its just wait and see at this point because one of the computer classes haven’t even started. The class that hasn’t started yet happens to be on a Monday eveing, and this last weekend was a holiday so it would have been about a good 10 to 14 days since started before my fourth class started which sucks very much.

It just seems like that I have to much to do with school and don’t want to deal with it anymore, even though I want to get a degree and such but who knows.

more to come…