lost and stray dogs

Late night of May 11 2005, there was a stray dog that was woundering the street in front the place where I’m currently staying at and this pictular dog was woundering the area for the last few days and last night this young small dog, must be a few yrs old, and didn’t look well either.

Anyways, what really bugs me so much is that dog owners let their dogs roam the streets or forgets that they left their dogs outside.

Back to what I was saying, this dog what looked like a terrior (sp?), has a white coat with a big brown spot on his ear and around his right eye, and with a blueish color with no tag. So, this dog started to hang around my home and finaly called up the Animal Shelter to see if there was a report of a missing dog matching this description but nothing close. Anyways, before I left to take this youngish dog to the shelter I started to feel really guiltly for taking this dog down to the shelter and even more so after leaving the shelter because this dog didn’t even want to stay. But even now I still feel guilty and really bad, sort of, for the owners of this dog by not knowing where their dog is, and what might happen to this dog if he doesn’t get a new home or return to his old home.

It just makes sick that in some cases that people don’t really care for their dog’s or other pets that they might have. They would just have pets for just because, which is no good reason at all.

maybe more to come…



More interesting stories that I’ve found

Listed below are article’s and etc., that I’ve found over the last 6 weeks or so. Many of the links listed cover a wide variety of stuff.

Glad school is almost out…

Well, I have one class to go to then I would be free from school for at least 2 weeks – maybe – still don’t know if I would be taking a class this summer for 6 weeks. Anyways, had the last class on Monday night which was fun but quiet to say the least.

Now the problem is working out my schedule for the fall term. I can’t decide if I want to take 3 classes or not. I might just 2 classes that I need to get out of the way this fall, think I’ll be talking to someone about class schedule for the fall.

Here I am babbling like a rabbit again.

Seems at this point while taking classes, school just seems to take forever to finish. Plus, there is way too much bullshit that’s happening in my life right now, including people giving me weird looks and giving me the bird for no apparent reason that I know of, no matter where I’m driving or walking to or from like I’m a fucking idiot or someone who’s downright insane who shouldn’t even be walking around.

I’ll just be glad when major changes in my life come to pass and hopefully leave Fairbanks, maybe after I get my degrees or sooner. Frankly, for some reason, I’m waiting for one or both provable (correct word ?) shoes to drop this summer. Now, I’m curious what’s really going to happen this summer and the rest of the year, just have to see as it happens. Anyways, I just have a feeling that something going to happen this summer, and it would be more than likely that it would something bad – not to bad that is. But, I could be wrong in this case.



Things are beginning to annoy me…

Over the last several months or since the weather has been warming up is that I’ve been getting these weird looks directed at me for some unknown reason that I can’t fathom on why people are looking at me for like I’m kind of freak that shouldn’t leave my own home for any reason.

It doesn’t matter where I’m driving to, whether if I’m going to one of my classes downtown or to the class that I have in the Art Complex or to one of the computer labs on UAF’s main campus for doing some homework for 2 of the 4 classes that I have.

When people do look at me whether or not if I’m in my car or walking to a building (post office, supermarket or wherever) I get a look that says that I’m not suposed to be there or that I have a big red bulls eye on my forehead, on my back, or even on my car. Granted I need to get my car washed and into the service department of the Nissan dealership to have a very major servicing done.

The looks that I have been getting recently, just gives me another reason that I should move to the lower 48 as soon I get my degree’s in Business Administration and maybe in Technology too. Plus, its to the point where I need to have a very major change in my life – like moving back to the lower 48.

Anyways, I’m just tired to a lot of bull shit that I get no matter where I go here in Fairbanks, Alaska. I do my best about being friendly towards to other people. For example, I like to keep doors open for the ladies when ever I can or when people have boxes of mail leaving the post office on Geist Road.

Still, the weird looks and the bs that I’m getting is bugging to the point where I just don’t want to take anymore classes, going to the gym on a semi regular basis, and even to the supermarket.

Sometimes, no matter when I’m driving there is usually someone that drives like there isn’t enough time to get to their destantion so they would rush to get where their going to. Recently, as I was heading downtown for one the classes that I’m in and for some reason I had to go to fourth avenue so I could get to the parking garage and this older guy, along with a woman in a big 4 door ford truck pulls along side and gets in front of me regardless that I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting this guys trucks rear end. People complain the way I drive around town. Maybe my driving could be better, but still, people drive like their always in a mad rush to get somewhere.

I’ve also noticed over the years living here in Fairbanks that 8 out 10 times that people rush past will get the red light, and yet I get to the light at the same time that the person that rushed past to get to the intersection. I’ve seen this type of driving all over town, and its just makes me sick that people would rush to any giving intersection and slam on their brakes, and would expect to get through the intersection.

laters all