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Adobe & Macromedia

I recently read that Adobe is buying out Macromedia for US$ 3.4Billion in a stock deal. Its seems that the only really good products that Adobe have are Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat. Their other products are O.K. and all but it just seems that this ‘merger’ or ‘buyout’ just seems wrong to me. Don’t know why but it does.

I just hope that products from Macromedia don’t get discontinued. Knowing my luck, Macromedia product more than likely would disapper altogether after a period of time after the buyout. I just hope that I’m wrong about Macromedia products disappering after awhile.

Plus, I use Macromedia Dreamweaver, along with the suite of software I use to maintain my site. Dreamweaver is one of the best html editors out there along with BBEdit.

In the end… this just bites big time.

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P.S. I’ve found the following two sites interesting and Mike Chambers blog. The later I found by the way of the former site. Both are interesting to say the least.

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