the local radio stations & maroon 5 songs…

One thing I’ve noticed over the last several months is that the local radio stations seem to play songs from Maroon 5 so much that I think its getting too much to listen to the radio when song’s from them are on. The music from Maroon 5 is good, I even have their cd, but their music is being played way too much here in Fairbanks, Alaska, so much that the radio station that play them will od all of the songs, and won’t play them for a while.

Its just that playing songs from any specific band to much, like Maroon 5 is beginning to get really annoying to me at this point in time, by playing their songs to much.

Although, I could this about bands, artists, etc., however, it just seems that most of the radio stations that do play Maroon 5 have also overplayed music from other groups, bands, etc., like Green Day yrs ago in the late ’90s.

If their music is played like 4 or 5 thru out the day would be one thing to me but like 7-9 times in a day (from what I could tell) is way too much for to hear.

But, hey I could totally wrong on how many times the songs from Maroon 5 are played thru out the day.

Here’s a another reason not to buy a house in California

If you follow the tech sector in general or otherwise you might get a kick out this story about Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle (a database software manufacturer). Anyways, I got kick of the story because of 2 reasons 1.) the sale price of the is US$25 Million in Atherton, California 2.) I used to live in Atherton, California before moving up to Alaska. Also, happen to know the general area where his home is too in this town.



Good (or bad) news for Colorado – depending on how you look at

This story on talks about the above normal wet weather, as in recent snow fall and the like.

Now I wish there was more wetter weather in the drier plains states and other mid-west states in the region.

Even though people are having trouble leaving the Denver area, and not un til later this week, which is a pain of the butt about it, regardless.