about more postings….

There’s going to be 1 or 2 medium link type posts that I’ll be making to this blog over the course of any giving week, with links to weird or sad type stories. I’ll also found some interesting articles about blogging in various forms and such.

stay tuned….

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A mix of tech, science, space & several other stories…

There are some more article’s that I’ve found to be interesting to mention on and thought it might be of some interest to post here on my class journal. As the title of this post suggests I’ll be posting about 6-12 story links, along with my 2 cents.

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Entertainment stories I found to be weird or strange…

Recently, well since spring break last month, I’ve been using bloglines.com to get news feeds delivered to me at one place. Anyway, there are at least 2 entertainment stories that I found interesting or struck me in a way to make a comment on or 2.

Below are 2 links plus my 2 cents worth about them.

  • ABC News – Sinead O’Connor Recording Reggae: I shouldn’t find this odd or strange in anyway simply because of who she is, but still, this seems strange for her to do – at least to me anyway. I used to listen to her work back in the early ’90s but haven’t listened to any of her stuff since.
  • CNN.com – BBC rejects ‘Springer’ complaints: Well, this story center’s around Jerry Springer for the ‘musical’ that was aired in the UK recently. There was about 55,000 complaints before this specific show aired & 8,000 after it was aired. Please read the story to get the full details.

Just food for thought, you might laugh or not, just wanted to share my 2 cents.

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Interesting health stories

I’ve been doing some news reading and found 2 health stories that I didn’t want to post on one of my other blogs.

Anyway, the first story that I found interesting is about ‘Teens View Oral Sex As Less Risky‘ – ABC News. Plus, its interesting that the younger teenager’s would think that oral sex is safer than intercourse.

Another story that I’ve found interesting is about Gays Mobilize Against Meth Addiction – ABC News. This story talks about how people are helping people with an addiction to meth. Seems like that gay men use meth more than straight men do, maybe some do use it more often than not.

Plus, if someone you like has this type of addiction, you (in general terms) should get a group of close friends to help this person you care about.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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