Peter's Journal

What to do for the summer?

Well its to the point in time whether or not to take a class in the summer. I wouldn’t mind or should take a class in the summer but the problem is which course to take. I probaly should take one of the required classes during the summer just for the sake of taking a class or just the need to taking a class.

What would I learn if I take a class just for the sake of taking it and not for taking a class for the information and such.

Such a dilemma on whether or not to take a class, I also want to get a job over the summer too, just help keep me busy, and to have the extra income, but it would depend on where I apply for a job at. I know UAF has a number of student jobs being offered, but I don’t know about working at the univeristy, it would be nice but just don’t know about doing that.

I’ll see just what would happen this summer.


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