A another rival to ITunes is coming…

I found a story on news.com interesting because there is an already crowed field for music downloads with Apple ITunes being on the for front of the legal music download. Yahoo! would be coming out with its own version soon and it would be interesting to see what it would be like.

Now if Apple share the technology behind the protection with a select few companies, people might have several more choices other than the IPods.

I found this story disturbing to some degree

This story: Apple Beats Bloggers in Court Battle for some reason bugged me. Granted companies should and need to protect “trade secretes” and the like from their competitors in their respected field.

Plus, about everyone or all of use craves constant stream of information, in various degrees of getting. Getting news and such should be within reason but hey if information comes out before the intended release it might also help with the sales of the product.

We should also be careful or at least be suspicious of the sources of where our news is coming from. That is just my 2 cents on this story.

Teen Convicted Under Internet Piracy Law in Arizona

I kind of found this story ironic because, even though, I don’t use P2P networks, I prefer to listen to streaming music at Yahoo! Music. But then I really don’t care for in using P2P networks.

I would rather pay something if it’s just a single digital track of music from a legal source on the web. Or in my case (as far as I know) legal streaming music and videos.

Genomics researchers & Apple Computer

I like this story because it shows that by having an Apple-based sever or desktop computers, that you might get more information processed or at least run more efficiently than Windows-based computers, or at least in some conditions.

But hey, what ever is the most efficient use of time, money, technology & what you’re most comfortable using in the long run.