A weird story

I found an interesting story but for some weird reason I wasn’t able to post this specific post through blogger.com, so posted it onto this site. You’re more than welcome to leave a comment or two about this story I’ve commented on. laters all peter

Yahoo links to free digital content

Here is another story about Creative Commons and Yahoo. Having this type of search is helpful with finding legal content to share. On a side note, I have Creative Commons on one of my site’s, but haven’t gotten around to fully implement it across my entire site.

journal themes

If your reading this journal of mine, you may have or will notice that I might be changing the themes on this site around to see which one I like or don’t like. You’re more than welcome to post your comments, if and when you might see a differant theme on this site. laters all… Read More journal themes

Yahoo 360° blogging site

Tonight I read that Yahoo! is finally making public that its getting into blogging. From what I’ve read it would be interesting to what the service looks like. site: Yahoo 360°story links: Yahoo! Tests Blend of Blogging, Networking – Yahoo! Site;News.com: Yahoo jumps into blogosphere with ‘Yahoo 360°’ Granted Yahoo! needs to some catching up… Read More Yahoo 360° blogging site

A story about Google’ AdSense

Just found and read an interesting story about Google’s AdSense and somewhat amazed on how much people could make with this pictular ad technology. I thought about having AdSense on my site but thought better of it, since I don’t have much content on my site. laters peter

Fairbanks, AK Weather

(This post will be edited further at a later time) The weather here in Fairbanks, Ak has been highly unusual recently for the month of Februray. The tempature’s on a daily basis have been above normal, in some cases, well above normal. Because of this warm weather makes the majority of road slick to drive… Read More Fairbanks, AK Weather