Interesting stories about blogging, podcasting, and a couple other stories…

Below are links to articles that I’ve found on the web that relates to the Communications on the Web class – e.g. blogging to podcasting, music or worth mentioned on this blog. So, I thought of doing on post instead of several to save space and give my 2 cents of each story after each link. – AOL unveils blogging service for teens: In a way I’m glad AOL is doing this simply it would give parents some degree of control – I think – of how or to whom their kids share their blog with. At least their not banning blogs all together. – VoIP calls become iPod radio broadcasts: Just another twist that VoIP and IPods would intermingle and more entrenched into the public mind of sorts. – Gartner: Beware of Mac OS spyware: This was going to happen sooner or later whether or not dedicated Mac user’s wanted this to happen. Just need to be more careful in what is downloaded from the internet.

Yahoo! News – VH1 turns C-listers into retro-cool reality: Its just a story that I found and liked.

The Blog Herald – High school bans blogging: This just seems wrong but anything within reason to help protect kids at any age from predators that might pray on them. Plus, parents should try to be more involved in their kids lives, but parents go overboard though.

Wired News – Thief Swipes More Than a Laptop: This story should give a person another reason to keep tack of your own belongings such as laptop computers, especially if there’s a lot of personal data on the computer.

ABC News – Most American Adults Are Sleep-Deprived: People, including me, should take measures to get more sleep, and also improve on how you could manage your time better, which would help too, I think.

ABC News – Presley Dishes About Marriage to Jackson: Her marriage to M. Jackson still seems wrong to this day, even though they are no longer married to each other.

ABC News – CNN Headline News Passes MSNBC in Ratings: Its about time that Headline News get better rations with the new lineup in the evening.

I found these stories through the account that I have at, which I think is a good service, even though I did have a problem with it over this last week.

laters all


weird weeks and the way people drive on the road…

Over the last several weeks has been weird or being odd. What I mean is that the week before spring break I wasn’t feeling good, but at least I didn’t get sick even mildly over spring break. Its just when the weather gets warmer during this time of year, people do seem to get bolder while driving, especially when there were some slick spots on the road.

Its just I wish people would drive more safely, but then I could possibly say the same thing about myself. Anyways, its just the way people drive without the care in the world, and really don’t care what happens to the other driver or drivers. I also don’t like people who speed up behind me then pass me and get yell (in so many words) me for driving so damn slow, even when I’m going the speed limit of whatever road I’m driving on.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are some drivers who drive so f—ing slow its unbelievable that driver would drive so slow and not possible realize there are people behind them, or just don’t care if there are people behind them who just need to go where their are going to. For example, beginning of this last week there was a slow driver in front of me on geist road and turned right onto chena ridge road and there was a whole line of cars behind me just itching to speed up the road. The person who was driving a white ford pickup, didn’t really care or at least to me, about people passing them. This happened at the bottom of the road, near the intersection of chena pump and chena ridge.

As I was saying about how the last 2 weeks went, its just that I didn’t get what I wanted to get done, well done and finished with or get current/up to date with my homework. Another thing I didn’t get around to do is to repair some drywall in one of the closets that I have in my home. I also wanted to get more bedroom more organized, among other things too.

2 of the 4 classes that I’m currently taking I really like taking, the first class I like taking is communications with the web with Chris Lott and the other class I like is ceramics which you can make just about everything within reason.

Speaking of school, I don’t know if I would be taking classes in the fall or not, but it depends on what classes that I need or want to take. But who knows what I would do in regards to classes that I might take.

later folks

peter It’s official: That was a finger in chili

I found this story unnerving because its really makes me sick to my stomach and it gives me another reason why I don’t eat at Wendy’s, plus their food doesn’t agree with me.

This story reminded me of another incident when I was still living in California. I was having dinner with my family at a Mexican restaurant that was at one of the nearby malls. Another patron of this restaurant found a scorpion in her salad while this person was eating the salad.

Just be sure to check what your eating before you actually eat the food.

Yahoo! News – Lucas’ world comes full circle

If you’re a Star Wars fan, like a lot of people including me, are waiting for the next and final movie to come out; the Story. I really can’t wait to see it, and in a strange way I was hoping that there would 3 more movies after Empires Strikes Back. But then, trying to do 9 movies for Star Wars is too much to ask for.

I barley remember seeing the last 2 movies of the first trilogy when I was younger. I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars but I don’t have every little thing or wear some weird get up to some attention while waiting in line to get a movie tickets like some fans might do. But then there are people that like to do or be extreme things if there are fans of a specific movie/tv franchise’s.

Sometimes I’m amazed by the people who do extreme things, just for the sake of doing it but other’s like to get the attention.


a story about the Flickr service

Tonight/this morning I found 2 stories about Flickr, well 1 press release (on The Blog Herald) and 1 news post on Flickr’s blog. The reason why I’m mentioning this is because in class we talked about Flickr and setting up an account on their site before spring break.

At least the flickr service won’t be integrated into Yahoo! Photo’s anytime in the near future, which is a good thing.


What a way to spend time at a hotel….

This story I found is about a Cyclone that happened to hit the western side of Australia’s cost line, which also leveled an exclusive resort that was supposedly to open by Easter weekend. At least there were no injuries but plans were just down right ruined your getaway plans.

But then someone could travel to other parts of western Australia, that is, if you wanted to do.

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and to New Zealand for that matter. Its just one of several countries that I want to visit to. But, its just a matter of when I could travel to Australia & New Zealand.


journal themes

If your reading this journal of mine, you may have or will notice that I might be changing the themes on this site around to see which one I like or don’t like. You’re more than welcome to post your comments, if and when you might see a differant theme on this site.

laters all


Yahoo 360° blogging site

Tonight I read that Yahoo! is finally making public that its getting into blogging. From what I’ve read it would be interesting to what the service looks like.

site: Yahoo 360°

story links:

Yahoo! Tests Blend of Blogging, Networking – Yahoo! Site; Yahoo jumps into blogosphere with ‘Yahoo 360°’

Granted Yahoo! needs to some catching up to do with other blogging site’s. In the first story link that I’ve posted said that Yahoo does have deep pockets and access to a lot of registered users which is a plus for them.